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SunSystems financial managementSunSystems is a leading financial and business software solution for domestic and global organizations alike. SunSystems is used extensively by multinationals, whose global offices require an international product with worldwide support infrastructure. Satisfied users of SunSystems include 85 of the FTSE100, 45 of the 50 largest corporations, a quarter of the Fortune 500 and names such as Hilton International, Pfizer Inc, World Vision, MetLife, and Sony.


SunSystems Financials provides a unified ledger, combining attributes and functionality of nominal ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable, cash book and analytical/project ledger. Additional facilities provide for the needs of asset accounting, corporate allocations and debtor management. Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities allow users to manage their businesses better

Corporate Allocations

SunSystems software can help the organisation automatically collect and allocate complex ledger and asset data. At the same time, costs can be charged to different ledgers, cost centres, projects, products or other categories. Corporate Allocations is a powerful tool that allows you to manipulate existing ledger transactions to generate new transactions.

Fixed Assets

Fixed assets management is crucial to the development of every organisation. Providing various depreciation methods for each asset for the purpose of financial budgeting and tax payment, SunSystems Fixed Assets register is a powerful tool for asset and depreciation analysis, helping customers manage all their properties as well as other assets of the business.

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